Frequently Asked Questions

Will IECs get paid for mentoring sessions?

No. IECs are paid commission on fares for rides completed by their Crew members.

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Can an IEC sell or transfer their Captainship for their areas to another IEC or Driver?

No. IECs do not "own" their territory. They are paid commission on rides completed by their Crew during the term of the IEC Agreement.

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What is the term of the IEC Agreement?

The IEC program Agreement may be terminated at any time by either party with notice.

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What is the worker status of the IEC?

IECs are independent contractors, paid by Safr through their SSN. IECs may drive for other ride-sharing services. IECs must sign an independent contractor agreement to participate in the program. IECs can apply for permanent employment opportunities at Safr whenever they are open.

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What if an IEC moves to another area/zip code?

The IEC can submit a request to Safr and Safr will evaluate need for an IEC in that region. If there is sufficient demand, they will be made an IEC in the new area.

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What if a Crew member moves to a new area/zip code?

The Crew member will move to the Crew of the IEC in that region.

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Will the IEC get start-up payment?

No. IECs are paid commission on rides completed by their Crew members.

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Will the IEC get reimbursed for marketing events/promos?

No. Safr will provide marketing materials for use by the IECs. Any materials created or events hosted by IEC will not be reimbursed.

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Will IECs receive a bonus for referral of other IECs?

If they refer another IEC, they will be paid $250 after that IEC's Crew maintains 90% acceptance rate for their first 30 days.

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How many drivers need to be active in a zip code before an IEC is established for that area?

Safr will have the right to determine need for a IEC based on demand, number of approved drivers and potential corporate or institutional partnerships in that zip code.

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How does Safr determine which IEC is assigned to which zip code(s)?

Safr will have the right to choose any number of Captains for any locations. The decision to assign zip codes is based on IEC location and familiarity with zip code(s.) The decision will be made in consultation with the IEC.

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How will background checks work? Will IECs continue to submit names to Safr or directly to the processor?

IECs will submit their driver applicants to Safr, who will then submit them to the background verification vendor.

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At Safr, we have temporarily stopped providing rides and deliveries (except rides offered to battered and abused women through partner institutions) to ensure the safety of our riders and drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We intend to resume our services based on the recommendations of the CDC and the government. In the meantime, we have launched a healthcare focused platform, Safr Care, to address the needs of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation market, and we are constantly working to improve user experience on our platform.