Why drive for Safr?

If you already earn money as a driver, it’s a no brainer! We pay more. If you have never driven, now is your chance. Safr is redefining ridesharing for women so you can have peace of mind participating in the sharing economy. Safr gives you the option to select which gender you feel most comfortable riding with and Safr riders are like-minded in desiring a safe rideshare experience for all women. Let’s hit the road and make a difference.


Mo money, honey!

Through Safr’s driver rewards, incentives, and bonus programs, our drivers earn more while providing a much-needed service.

Peace of mind.

We give you the power to choose the gender of your riders, so you feel safe driving anytime, day or night.


Safr allows you complete freedom and control of your schedule. You decide when you work, and for how long.


Safr offers drivers the opportunity to make a living driving without fear. We are building a community of diverse men and women who are coming together to make ridesharing safer for women.

Earn equity.

All drivers are eligible to be awarded Incentive Share Units (ISU), giving you the power to earn more and take part in Safr’s success.

Any questions?

Visit our Driver FAQs page for more information and details about driving for Safr. Or send us an email community@gosafr.com

Drive with confidence.
Earn money.
Total peace of mind.