Safr is coming to Louisiana with a stated mission of creating a safer environment for women


Safr is coming to Louisiana with a stated mission of creating a safer environment for women

Apr 28, 2022

Safr is coming to Louisiana with a mission: creating a safer environment for some of our most vulnerable riders.

Safr was created with the goal of improving the lives of women by providing safe transportation and creating jobs and financial security. Safr’s safety assurance process begins before drivers ever hit the road. Safr’s drivers undergo full and thorough background checks. These background checks include a comprehensive review of any potential criminal or motor vehicle accident history or history of driving under the influence. Potential drivers are then personally vetted by a member of Safr’s senior staff so that riders can have peace of mind knowing that Safr Drivers meet a higher standard. Safr has multiple in-ride app features to ensure your protection before and during your ride, ensuring your safe arrival at your destination.

Our drivers are paid more than the industry standard, both because we care about creating an equitable work opportunity for our drivers and because we wish to incentivize our drivers to go above and beyond providing best-in-class service. Every time you ride with Safr, you are helping to support our ethos of women empowerment by supporting the livelihood of either one of our female drivers, or any other driver who is socially conscious and supportive enough allies to seek out Safr and get on the road with us.

Safr was built to address the most common complaints or needs of women. Our system addresses all the most common fears, insecurities, and dangers that women face when using a ridesharing app to request a ride with the most thorough driver vetting process in the ridesharing app game and a plethora of safety features— including a color match to verify your driver before the ride can start, real-time ride monitoring, an SOS button, and more—there’s a safeguard for every step of the way. Riders can even specify if they’re only comfortable riding with another woman – and with every ride you can feel good supporting a cause that encourages women empowerment by seeking out female drivers for our fleet.

Safr is currently expanding to Louisiana, starting in New Orleans, and the regions surrounding New Orleans. At this time the focus of the expansion will be through Safr Care, Safr’s system for non-emergency medical transportation.

Sixteen percent of Louisiana’s population of 4.6 million are over the age of 65, and many of them require wheelchair-accessible transportation. With Safr Care, customers can request a ride to their medical appointments from one of many partnered transportation providers with wheelchair-accessible vehicles, improving accessibility and quality of life for wheelchair users in rural areas.

Safr Care is a software platform featuring and supporting non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers with seamless integration, allowing for the scheduling, dispatch, and tracking of all their rides. It’s Safr Care’s mission to do our part in eradicating the $150 billion in loss to the US healthcare system caused by to patient no-shows.

Safr’s expansion into non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) with Safr Care is an effort to improve the healthcare transportation market while simultaneously supporting women’s empowerment. By partnering with non-emergency medical transportation providers Safr is better equipped to support vulnerable customers. This includes older adults who may be facing mobility issues, as well as those struggling with chronic disease or requiring ongoing routine treatment. With Safr Care they can request a ride and reclaim their independence.

Safr Care’s expansion in Louisiana will lead to Safr’s full expansion with rideshare and delivery services soon to come to the region. It is the first step to accelerating Safr’s growth across the United States, and to our goal of being available in any neighborhood that needs a safer ridesharing option.