Safr Expands with a New Empowerment Program for Drivers


Safr Expands with a New Empowerment Program for Drivers

Dec 06, 2017


Safr, a rideshare service focused on female empowerment and safety, today announced its new Independent Empowerment Captains (IEC) program, offering a viable career path for its drivers, as independent contractors. This unique program provides a select group of drivers with a leadership role, and provides women in the rideshare industry with a reliable way to earn a monthly income.

The IEC program has launched in Greater Boston with ten captains. Each captain is responsible for a geographical area pertaining to different zip codes, aligning with the town they reside in. The first round of IECs were selected from Safr’s existing Mentor program; these individuals are some of the company’s earliest and most active drivers. Additional IECs will continue to be carefully chosen for the program based on their location, leadership capabilities, and values which align with the Safr mission.

“When you’re being driven by someone who knows the local community and its roads, riders will naturally feel safer and more confident in using a ridesharing service,” explained Syed Gilani, CEO of Safr. “The ability to turn committed drivers into IECs and empower them to oversee and manage their own team of drivers will help elevate our service offerings to the next level. I strongly believe that our IEC program will provide a solid foundation for our nationwide expansion in the future.”

IECs are responsible for their own “Crew” of Safr drivers within their assigned zip code areas. Their duties include recruiting, onboarding and training, mentoring drivers, distributing communication from Safr to their Crew, and curating any Crew-specific social media content. Captains are independent contractors and are incentivized by a monthly commission on the number of rides completed by their Crew members, resulting in the option of a steady source of income within the gig economy.

“I think the Safr captains program is a phenomenal idea, and it’ll give us the freedom to expand safe transportation for our female passengers and drivers,” said Dawn Kennedy-Davis, a Safr Independent Empowerment Captain. “I’m surprised the other ride sharing companies hadn’t thought of it first, but Safr is exactly what it says—safer.”

Drivers interested in joining the Safr Captains program can visit Riders and drivers who want to get involved in Safr’s mission can download the Safr app through the App Store or Google Play.

About Safr
Safr is a new ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women. Built with the needs of women in mind, the company aims to improve the lives of women through safe transportation, job creation, and financial security. Drivers are personally vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks, are paid more than the industry standard, and are incentivized to provide best-in-class service. By choosing to ride with Safr, you support a like-minded driver, elevate your community by helping improve greater gender balance, and choice in the ridesharing economy.