Safr – A Ride-Hailing Service for Women by Women Coming to Pakistan


Safr – A Ride-Hailing Service for Women by Women Coming to Pakistan

Dec 06, 2017

The history of ride hailing services in Pakistan is not too old as it is the matter of a year or so when we first heard about Uber and later on the Careem. Besides the duo of international players, we have seen some domestic services like ARY Sahulat Se Chalo, Daewoo Cab, Wahyd and mLift entering the field. Now is the time of another international ride hailing service called Safr to start its journey in Pakistan.

It is interesting to know the basic difference between the new and existing players; Safr will be an exclusive service for the women and will be provided by the women drivers. It seems to be a nice step keeping into account of complaints lodged by female passengers while using the existing services.

With an Uber for Women kind of service, Safr will also play an important role in empowering women, not only female passengers will feel comfortable but also the women drivers will earn without worrying about the type of passenger or harassment.

One of the best features of the new service will be the SOS button. In case the rider is feeling uncomfortable or threatened, she can press it to let the emergency services or pre-determined contact know her exact location for safety purposes.

Safr will also assign a distinct colour for riders and drivers so that the two have to ensure that they are riding with the correct person, like the one we saw for Paxi – the Pink Taxi earlier this year that also more or less offered the same concept.

With the official tagline of “Join the Sisterhood” the company is recruiting new blood in Pakistan and looking at their social media profile. Although the Safr service is yet to start but Safr App is readily available to install on your Android or iPhone right now.