Safr: Women-Focused Ridesharing Service Coming to Orlando


Safr: Women-Focused Ridesharing Service Coming to Orlando

May 27, 2019

By Tammie Fields


ORLANDO, Fla. — A new rideshare app is launching in downtown Orlando on Friday, and unlike Lyft and Uber, it’s focused on women.

  • Safr helps make sure women arrive to their destinations safely
  • Safr app will feature a panic button
  • All drivers will undergo criminal background checks

Safr (pronounced “safer”) is aimed at keeping women safe and empowered — most of the drivers will be women as well.

It’s already available in Boston.

The company’s in-ride security features make sure riders arrive at their destination safely, or immediate assistance will be on the way.

“There’s also a panic button on your app so you put in whether or not you want the app to call 911,” Safr Orlando coordinator Gert Garman said.

It will even transport children with the parents’ permission.

“Say you’re a mom. You work until 5 or 6 every day, but your kid has to go to band practice. So yes, you can get with a particular driver and have that driver pick your child up every day,” Garman added.

Garman said the company is hiring and that they pay more than other ride-sharing companies.

The majority of the drivers hired will be women, and they must undergo background checks and interviews more extensive than other ride-sharing companies, the company says. Job candidates not only have their driving record checked, but a county criminal court search is conducted for the past seven years, as well as a sex-offender and terrorist watch-list check.

Garman says Safr also offers incentives.

“You can become a call-center manager from your home, so there’s going to be tons of opportunities for women to get involved, feel empowered, make some money, and help other women,” she said.

Safr will be available in downtown Orlando on Friday for limited scheduled rides with 24 hours’ notice. All you have to do is download the app — through Google Play or the App Store — and use the hashtag WelcomeSafr.

The app is expected to fully launch for everyone in a much larger coverage area starting in August.