Morgane: Mother, teacher, super woman.


Morgane: Mother, teacher, super woman.

Jun 09, 2017

By Joanna Humphrey Flynn | June 9, 2017


That is what Morgane has been for the past 18 years. But before that, she was an ambitious professional, working towards a master’s degree in communications. With the support of her husband, she studied day and night and was looking forward to the career opportunities ahead of her.

Then life took an unexpected turn. Just before graduating, Morgane discovered she was pregnant. She was faced with a difficult decision: stay home and raise her child or become a career woman. She looked into her heart and knew there was nothing she would love more than to devote her life to raising, nurturing and developing her children.

18 years and three wonderful daughters later— her eldest, a junior in college at UMASS Amherst, her second heading off to Wellesley this fall and the youngest not far behind—Morgane once again faced a major life decision. What now?

Having relied on her French and Spanish tutoring for some income while she was at home with her kids, Morgane decided she wanted to continue that work in the field of Study Abroad.

Not quite ready to jump into her new career full-time, Morgane wanted a job with a flexible schedule.The gig economy seemed like the clear choice and driving for a ridesharing service seemed like a great way to earn money while continuing to pursue her passions and care for her family.

She enjoyed the freedom of ridesharing, but quickly realized the risks associated with inviting strangers into her car. On more than one occasion, she found herself concerned for her personal safety and it started to affect the hours she was comfortable driving.

One day, her daughter told her about Safr. Not only was Morgane excited about not having to worry about who she picked up for rides or the time of day worked, but she was thrilled to to join a mission-driven company focused on breaking down the same barriers she had personally experienced in ridesharing. Morgane has been a leader in the Safr driver community since our beta launch in  January.She regularly contributes valuable feedback that informs improvements to our rider’s experience and helps us improve our technology. Women like Morgane are the foundation of who we are as a company.

Apply to join our driver community, and help us redefine ridesharing for women.