Introducing: Scheduled Rides

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Introducing: Scheduled Rides

Nov 16, 2017

An empowered woman does not let anything hold her back and Safr wants to help such females smash all the obstacles along their way. You can count on us to be there for you whenever you may need us.

To support all the sisters out there to step out into the world on their own terms, Safr is introducing another exciting new feature of “Scheduled Rides.” Gone are the days when you needed to wait until the last moment to call on us to get you where you needed to go. Now you can book a Safr in advance and leave the rest to us.

Traveling has never been this simple. All you need to do is log onto your Safr app; set the date, time, location, and destination; confirm your journey and you are good to go. You can schedule the ride at least one hour before you need the ride at no additional cost.

Not only do riders benefit from this, but so do the drivers. They have the benefit of guaranteed rides that fit their schedule. They also get to drive around areas most convenient to them. How wonderful does that sound, Road Warriors?

“Empowering women lies at the heart of Safr. We want women to be able to travel on their own terms and not be held back by a ride not being available when they need it most.” Safr CEO Syed Gilani says. “This feature benefits the drivers, as well, who can pick the scheduled ride requested which suits them.”.

Now you no longer need to fret about that meeting right after lunch; an early morning exam you cannot be late for; or just a night out with the girls, who always complain that you’re late. Safr will get you to your destination on time. So, take those extra minutes you have to sleep in, drink your coffee without scalding your tongue in hurry, or just sit back and relax on your couch. Take some time out for yourselves, ladies. You deserve it.

It is super simple and so convenient for all you superwomen out there, ready to take the world by storm. It is so empowering when nothing stands in the way of you and your hopes and dreams. In your journey towards achieving all that you know you deserve, let Safr be your ride.

Look forward to our “Scheduled Rides” feature which will be released very soon, and other exciting and wonderful new updates that we will deliver to you guys in the near future. Safr believes all you special ladies are worthy of the very best and hence, we will always be working towards offering the very best we have to give. Stay empowered!

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