Introducing delivery by safr


Introducing delivery by safr

Apr 26, 2022

Safr Delivery isn’t limited to food. The Safr Delivery option lets you take care of everything: from takeout and restaurant meals to grocery store pick-up and delivery, to picking up dry cleaning or running other simple curbside errands.

Safr Delivery is an option you should now see on your home screen when starting up the Ride Safr app.

You might have noticed that the crux of the Safr Delivery feature is the free-written instructions you can write for your drivers. This means you are free to give as many specifications as you need to your driver, including if what they’re picking up is a curbside pickup or if they’ll need to enter the establishment in question. There’s also a chat option that lets you and the driver talk in-app without sharing your phone number, letting you clarify instructions or answer questions.

Q: Can Safr pick up my groceries?

Yes! If your grocery offers curbside or in-store pickup, place an order online. Let your driver know if they will be picking up from their vehicle with curbside pickup, or getting your groceries with an in-store pickup.

Q: Can Safr deliver my dry cleaning?

Yup, if your dry cleaning is paid for and ready to pick up, you can send a Safr driver to shuttle it home to you.

Q: Can Safr bring me my prescription from the pharmacy?

You may need to give your pharmacy a heads up that you’ll be using a courier to pick up your medications, but yes!

Q: Can Safr pick up other purchases?

Any store near you that lets you shop from home and pick up your purchases later can be a Safr Delivery.

Q: What about other errands?

Need to get a batch of cookies from grandma’s house across town? A Safr driver could  do that, if you asked. Out of the ordinary requests are why we let you write your own details. If there’s a driver you have a great rapport with, odd and specific favors like this could be on the table for a Safr delivery!

Q: Are there Safr deliveries near me?

It depends! Safr isn’t available everywhere but is always looking to expand. You can download the Ride Safr app and see if there are any active drivers on your home screen map, check online, or send an email or social media message to customer support to check. If not, your interest lets us know to look into your region so we can get on the road with deliveries near you!    

Q: Wow! What can’t a Safr driver do?

Please keep in mind that Safr drivers don’t have your credit card information and cannot pay for your purchases or do your shopping for you– all pickups should be charged remotely in advance. Remember, we’re just the couriers!

Go ahead and try delivery from Safr. Stay up to date on where service is available, and the many options offered through the Safr app by checking and following Safr’s social media.