Get Safr and get your fix with Safr Delivery


Get Safr and get your fix with Safr Delivery

Apr 27, 2022

What are you craving? Whether it’s Chinese food, a burger, and fries, or a wholesome meal from your local family restaurant, If the thought of a hot meal that you don’t have to cook yourself has you looking up ‘food delivery near me’ then good news: Safr is here to help. Safr drivers can now pick up your favorite dishes from restaurants in your area and deliver them straight to your door– or drop them off with contactless curbside delivery if that’s what you prefer.

You might know that Safr, which focuses on equitable employment for female rideshare drivers and safety-focused service for female riders, also provides accessibility-focused healthcare rides with Safr Care. But did you know about Safr’s delivery service? If you have Ride Safr downloaded, the Safr Deliveries option is already available right there in your app! 

Tips to help with ordering delivery.

If you haven’t logged into your Safr account in a while you might be thinking– delivery where? Well, no worries; you won’t have to go digging to find this feature anymore, or download anything new. If you’ve updated your Ride Safr app, the opening menu now presents you with the option to choose Ride, Delivery, Care, or to access your account settings. 

Here’s how to get started with Delivery.

First, you’ll need to call in your order – whether it’s a restaurant pickup order or a bunch of groceries from your local store, you’ll need to purchase your order for pickup. 

Then, you’ll enter the pickup location (the store or restaurant) and the drop-off location (that’s you!)

You can hit ‘add description’ to add any notes you want your driver to see – like directions if you have a tricky-to-find driveway or a reminder to make sure the restaurant is sending you those extra sauces you asked for. Remember, Safr Delivery isn’t limited to food, but to the instructions that you manually write your drivers. Use this space to let your driver know what they’re picking up. It helps to know if they’re picking up from a restaurant or grocery store, picking up dry cleaning, or doing another simple curbside errand.

Hit ‘done’ and you’ll be brought to your map – you can either hit Continue to send your request out to available drivers or hit the calendar to schedule it for a future time. If you’re not sure if your area has a lot of drivers, we suggest scheduling your orders a bit in advance so drivers have a chance to accept your request. Keep an eye on your pending request to make sure someone confirms it!

Safr isn’t available in all regions across the United States yet, so you might want to check if there are any drivers in your city. You can either check online, download it and see if there are any active drivers on your home screen map or send an email or social media message to customer support to check first.                  

So, what are you ordering tonight? Whatever you’re craving– let us do the pickup!