Deborah: R&B aficionado, business owner, community champion.


Deborah: R&B aficionado, business owner, community champion.

Jul 12, 2017

Known as “Lady D” within the many communities she champions, Deborah is one classy lady with a drive for success. From her church for over 38 years, to her Ladies Night events, local community and now, Safr, Deborah gives all of herself to the things she believes in.

Deborah: R&B afficionado, business owner, community champion and woman rideshare driver

Deborah: R&B aficionado, business owner, community champion.

A single mother to an amazing son, Deborah worked tirelessly to buy her first home at 30. Soon after, she realized that not only did she have a young mouth to feed, but now she also had a house to take care of—no small task.

Despite feeling financially strained, Deborah loved her work in Constituent Services at the Massachusetts State House, where she also worked for Governor Dukakis’ award-winning Alliance Against Drugs campaign.

Determined to not let her financial needs get in the way of doing what she believed would change the lives of so many people, Deborah set out to find extra sources of income. She ended up taking on a part-time job and has since worked up to four part-time jobs, in addition to her full-time job. She even started her own event planning company to help support her son, take care of her home, and have extra pocket money for one of her favorite things: traveling.

Ridesharing seemed like a great part-time gig where Deborah could stand out as a “Gladiator” for women who were not comfortable traveling with people of the opposite sex but needed transportation services.

But her son worried about her driving late at night, so she never drove past 11pm, even though she knew she could make more money during that time. And when she had a bad experience with an intoxicated rider at 7PM one night, she cut back even more. So Deborah heard about Safr and their unique gender preference feature, she was thrilled to have an opportunity to “take back the road.” So was her son 🙂

Lady D is a people person, who loves talking to all the amazing riders she picks up while on the road with Safr. She has become an ambassador for Safr within her communities and loves that it will help more women feel safer and more confident going out and enjoying their evenings without having to worry about their safety or how they will get home.

Join Lady D and take back the road with Safr by applying to be a driver today.


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