5 Tips for Women to Ride Safer


5 Tips for Women to Ride Safer

Jul 12, 2019

Syeda Ramla Hassan | July 12, 2019

Ridesharing companies take different measures to vet drivers and offer safe rides to you, but here are 5 simple tips for what you can do to keep yourself safer (or Safr).

  1. Stay inside instead of waiting outside with a phone in your hand until the app shows that your driver has arrived.

  2. Check the license plate, make and model of the car before getting into it, and make sure you go with the driver whose name and photograph are shown in your app.

    If you’re using Safr, the color match feature in the app will make it easier for you to ensure you’re going with the right driver.

  3. If you’re alone, sit in the back seat, so you can safely get out of either side of the car when needed.

  4. Never sit in a car with someone who is not meant to be in the passenger seat.

  5. If you suspect danger or feel unsafe, call 911 in the US or 15 in Pakistan.

    When riding with Safr, you can simply hit the SOS button to call Safr or these helplines, or have your pre-determined emergency contacts notified immediately about you feeling unsafe in your ride and location.

Safr also gives you the choice to select the gender you’re more comfortable traveling with, go with your trusted drivers, and contact your driver through the app without having to reveal your phone number.

Ride Safr!