5 Tips For Safely and Effectively Using Rideshare Services


5 Tips For Safely and Effectively Using Rideshare Services

Aug 17, 2018

Mehreen Alavi | August 16, 2018

The rideshare economy has introduced a reliable and convenient method of transportation for city-dwellers. From officer-goers to college students, rideshare services have become the transport mode of choice for many. That being said, rideshare services are not perfect, and riders may have to take a few precautions to utilize these effectively.

1. Make sure you’re not getting in the wrong car

Before getting into the car, make sure that you are getting into the right one. Confirm the identity of the driver and the car license plate to ascertain the car is the one you booked. Safr’s color-match feature ensures you have the correct car, because the ride will not start unless you match the pre-assigned color.

2. Inform someone if you feel unsafe

In case of an emergency, or if you feel unsafe while using a rideshare service, inform the police or someone you trust, and share your location with them. When you hit Safr’s SOS button, it gives you the option to contact emergency services, Safr or a pre-determined emergency contact and share your location with them.

3. Make sure you ride with a reliable driver

Before accepting to ride with a driver, make sure you check their ratings and reviews. Do not ride with a driver with whom other passengers have encountered problems. Safr takes the feedback by its riders seriously to ensure a systematic and effective experience for all parties involved, so make certain you inform Safr in case you face an issue with your driver.

4. Request a ride in due time

To ensure you reach your destination on time, plan ahead in accordance with your schedule. You can use Safr’s Scheduled Rides feature to book a ride in advance and rest assured your driver will reach you in time, so that you avoid last-minute confusion and scramble.

5. Do not share your contact information

You do not have to share your personal information with the driver. Through Safr’s in-app calling feature, you can contact the driver from the app, ensuring your contact information remains anonymous.